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Old 2nd December 2002
So EveAnna, how was the dog?

(and I hereby bag the answer - RUFF!)

I have to say eating deep fried gator in batter (urp!) while looking at a mural depicting a 'jolly gator jazz band' in an Austin Texas restaurant was a new low in my worldwide culinary pursuits.

One person at the dinner ate 48 + raw oysters (on special) and lived to tell the tale. Meg Lee Chin, (Gearslutz Webmistress) who's band was playing the SXSW festival at that time however, made out slightly worse, 36 raw oysters + apple pie + ice cream made her go 'oddly quiet' and she lay horizontal in the 'back of the van' for the rest of the evening while me and her band went gallivanting..