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Mixing in Chinese

I have to agree with NYC DEW. I have mixed in some foreign languages, and it is surprisingly similiar to English. I always try to pick out important words to EKO, (in the foreign language) and the client usually gets a laugh out of it. Most of the time I get it right! It is easier to mix a song when you like the lyrics, such as "Beautiful", but if I like the track, the client, just got laid, or had chemical enhancement (kidding...retired), it can still be fun. I am more influenced by my surroundings than I am the lyrics. I love to mix, and am arrogant enuff to think I can turn any piece of crap into a good song. I even enjoy the challenge of that. You can't polish a turd, but you can always spray paint it GOLD! I once asked a second to change his shirt, because it was so bright (hockey jersey) I couldn't concentrate. I can usually find something to inspire me in the track. More on this as we progress into some of the mechanics of mixing.