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The 402

I'm a happy owner of a pair of these. I heard the mic on ac guit on a project that a friend/one of Swedens top engineers worked on, and I was amazed. Have to agree that it sounds super natural and clean, with extremely low noise. Having 2 different Neumann tube mics since earlier, a stereo pair of these was exactly what I was looking for. The first test was a nice one! 30 strings in one of the classic studios of the Swedish Radio. We used it as a stereo pair in front of all the strings and compared it to a pair of Neumann M149s, wich had been my favourite for strings, brass etc, until then. We used Millennia pre's, no eq, on both pairs. I remember that we joked about the comparision being like a socker game Sweden vs Germany. Germany always beats Sweden in socker and I was very sure that they would this time too... After a pretty hectic session we came back to the mix studio to evaluate. Listening A/B made it very clear how little color the 402s add. We ended up using both pairs on some parts with the Neumanns in for a little more bite in the mids (without having to eq!..). But the 402's very open and natural sound made them our main choice, much to my surprise. Since then I've used it on ac guit, smaller string ensembles, horns, solo woodwinds, drum OH, harp (not harmonica) etc etc and I just love it! Tried it on close mic voc, but wasn't that good. For piano I'd say yes if it's classical or hifi jazz, for most pop styles I'd use something else if possible. BTW, the 30 piece string orchestra recording can be heard on Silje Nergaards (Universal, Norway) feb 2007 release "Darkness out of blue" with two fantastic arrangements by the great Vince Mendoza!