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Another type of "split" I have used to feed a backup recorder is Y-cables off the back of the mic pre, but for some reason, using Y-cables makes me nervous - just one more thing that can possibly go wrong.

I am probably just superstitious.
I'm with you there. Only takes a cable failure and both your recorders lose signal. My approach was going to be to build a dedicated rackmount line-split box with multi-way inputs and outputs.

Even then, to split lots of channels, it was going to need some very careful design and construction.

I did all the design for the split box, priced up all the parts... then came to the conclusion that taking analog from my pres to one 48-track and digital to the other would cost much the same, and involve far less construction effort. Plus, there was the realisation that a custom-built $1500 Y-split box would have very little resale value...