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...ok, it's getting a bit confused now - so let's break it down a bit, and lets ignore the cat5 thing for now (it was a suggestion as more cables always come in handy)

You need to get audio (either digital or analog) from your house to your studio - you also need to get foldback going the other way.

If you want to put your preamps and convertors (stand alone or connected to a computer ?....what type ?) in the house then you still need to run the audio (either digital or analog depending on your preamp/convertor combo) into the studio. Using AES you only need half as many cables as if you were using BUT you won't be able to check your input levels - gain controls etc etc as they will be in the house.


Much better to put in conventional wallbox with XLR connectors on (plus foldback) along with whatever else you need. Additionally run a few cat5 cables for the stuff you forgot.

I can't really see how a 'remote preamp' setup will work in a practical situation or what (apart from a smaller stagebox ?????) you gain.


we still don't know

1, how long the cable run is (can you use firewire)
2, how many mic lines you envisage needing (2 or 64 ?)
3, how you propose controlling your preamps remotely

I think it's fairly easy to hide a largish stagebox behind the sofa etc.