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I'd still tend to use normal FST for audio cable, and 75ohm coax for digital. That's because I know it works fine (and because I'm stuck in my ways).

What I'm suggesting is that it's worth running a few (lot) of cat5/6 cable as well.

do a search on Steve Lampen (a belden engineer) - who's written and lectured on the subject.

a quick google brings up
Ruminations on Digital Audio, by Steve Lampen
Using Network CAT 5 Cable for Audio

Again, I strongly suggest you use normal FST/75 ohm coax for your audio/digital - and use the cat5 as backup.

I'm not too sure what you would gain by having the convertors/mic preamps in the house. That could be quite a long run for a firewire cable.
I think you need to be able to twiddle the knobs and look at the lights on the device when recording (just my opinion)

Stick to mic/line/aes/midi/cat5/videocoax type tielines.

PS the phone will run over cat5, probably the alarm too.