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Cable run suggestions please...

I'm converting my detached garage into a studio, and am planning to run cables from the house into the studio. I have 2 questions for people in the know (I'm planning to be able to record in the house as a live room):

1) What sort of cables should I remember to include - already thought of:
i) 2-way video for visual contact with the musicians
ii) Phone line
iii) Household alarm connection
iv) mic tie-lines, or digital cable....see below....

2) I'm thinking of remote controlled preamps and converters in the house (to be part of my portable rig), so I can send the converted signal to the garage instead of having a wall-box and tie-lines in the house. Any suggestions for converter output type (AES, cat 5, cat 6?), and remote preamps? cheap stuff!

Many thanks for any pointers.



ps already have: SSL Xlogic 4 Mic-pre (no remote yet), Audient ASP008, Apogee Rosetta & Mini-mp, Fireface, going to Logic.