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Based on the website, I would never even call you to consider recording there. You either need something for the eyes to draw people (nice facility, nice outboard) or something great for the ears (past projects, quality engineer/producer, etc.)

Most people are fickle. In addition, most people dont know as much about your place as you do (so you need some method to get the greatness of your place out to them). I personally wouldnt even advertise your site until its cleaned up. The biking section must go, and the pictures section needs a revamping. In addition, I like listening to some quality audio produced at a studio to ensure Im not walking into some Ponzi scheme.

So - I would revamp the website and find some decently popular bands to record free just to get the buzz going. I think this will be an uphill climb personally.

Perhaps you need to go freelance or go in another direction.