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Re: Re: Where do you get most of your clients? I'm sinking!

From looking at your site, I don't get the feeling you've got an edge over anyone knowing what he's doing. No disrespect, but it looks like a place where no serious recording has been done (yet). If you have, cool, I'm just giving you my honest feedback.

I also do this for the love of it. I have a dayjob that payswell and all the money I earn with making records and playing live with my band goes into the studio.
I pick 2-3 bands a year and make them a deal to produce their first album. Since we delivered some stuff that people liked, we've gotten some label interest and rigth now I'm finishing 14 songs that will be released nationally...
Nothing to brag about, just telling what I'm doing. There's lots of real pros surfin around here doing the recording / mixing thing for a living and I never would dare to compete with that.
On the other hand, no clock is putting pressure on us and we do it because we love the music, which in some weird way tends to get recognised and brings in money .

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