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designing a producer "sweet spot"

We're rebuilding a number of our video finishing rooms (for 5.1). There will be limited space. We're trying to tackle the issue of how the producer (normally sitting behind a counter that is behind the editor) will hear the surround properly. One solution was to put one set or surrounds (appropriately placed and voiced) behind the editor, but in front of the producer. These would be used for the bulk of the editors work. When it came time for the producer(s) (sometimes as many as 5 people) to critically listen, we'd switch to ANOTHER set of surrounds that are at the back of the room (all speakers would be voiced differently for this setup). Keep in mind this is editing a television show that is mainly talking heads (but with lot's of crowd reaction). Music performances are mixed in a real room and flown in to the video edit.

How do people deal with this (especially in surround) issued of multiple sweet spots?