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Re: Strangest thing you ever ate

Although it sounds like something from a Dungeons and Dragons game, I once attempted to eat what would best be called "slime mold": Leek and Aspic (for our purposes, that should be spelled "asspick") Jello. Well, calling it jello would be disrespectful to Bill Cosby's favorite child pacifier. It had no sweetness, it was served warm, and it might have been suited for our ancient, ancient ancestors' nourishment in the form of primordial ooze. I half expected to see a tadpole wriggle to the surface.

Why it was served:

I won't mention any names, but the person practicing this witchcraft on otherwise innocent plants was a friend on the family. She had an inclination for concocting dishes to "impress" (in this case, "bewilder") us all. Well, we all did the best we could to not look disgusted while simultaneously using idle conversation to distract eachother from the plate at hand.

Not good. We still love her, though.