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Originally Posted by marty lester View Post
fan-freaking-tastic. i see a small-format digital board
there that you're mixing on.
yes, that's an 01v96

do you find it hard
to page between layers if you're doing a live-mix?
Actually, no, despite the fact that I haven't had it long, I'm getting on with it really well.

You get used to glancing quickly at the layer buttons if you forget what layer you're on. The only thing that occasionally catches you out is when you don't realise you're still looking at Aux Send levels, not channel levels (since Aux Send selection is in a slightly different part of the board to the layer selection)

The other thing to try and avoid is ending up with related signals on different layers. I got stuck with the DI bass on 16 and the Bass mic on 17, which was a little bit of a pain, but as long as you create fader groups it's pretty manageable.

i'm thinking of going with a Yamaha DM-1000
for my future remote mixer. i use one in my
day-job studio and like it but i do wonder how
clumsy it is paging around in the heat of battle.
I hear the DM1000 is very cool, but it wasn't enough of a step up in capability over the 01V96 to make sense for me. On the other hand, an 02R96... Anyone in the UK got one to sell?

I'm actually faster with the Yamaha than I was with my old monitoring solution. I'm loving it. But then I'm a fairly techy kind of person with reasonably good eyesight


oh, and are you monitoring the returns of your
X-48 or the returns of your Alesis units or...?
I've built multiway cables so that I can do either, depending on the gig. That time around I was monitoring the X-48 outputs. The available YGDAI cards and the variety of output formats on different recorders cause a bunch of logistical problems, but I think I've come up with the best solution I can under the circumstances.

I'd like a desk with more inputs, but it's an issue of budgets, transport, storage, finances... Clients demand certain specs but don't want to pay the kind of money that they used to, which ties your hands somewhat.

Also, I rarely get the space to spread myself out as much as I did on that gig, so a bigger desk would be a problem much of the time. I'm basically developing multiple solutions that scale to suit the gig... although I'm starting to get asked to do 48-track dates in pubs, which seems a bit nuts!