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Here for the gear

Well I too lived in Japan for some time.
Horse meat sashimi ( yeah that's raw) was pretty unusual.
Crocodile sausage in Qweensland Australia.
Snake in broth - Shanghai
Raw Octopus ( this was absolutely the worst)
Black rice pudding - Bali - incredible coconut milk included- yeah the rice was literally all black and had a bit of a unique nutty quality to it- intense dish.
Beef tendons - yeah you read that right - tendons. This was at a restauraunt in Behi park in Bejing. It took one bite to figure it out. It came in an interesting spicy sauce but this was Not For Me.
BTW- did you know that , in Bejing, they eat the head and beak and feet of the ducks when they eat Peking duck? Woooh.