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It's not a surprise to me that people have problems with metal work. Unless the fabricators are being given a proper engineering drawing with proper geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, you are leaving the form and fit to chance. You can't simply take a ruler and measure your spacing between holes and then tell them to drill a 1/4" hole. It's not that simple. You are better off hiring a mechanical engineer to do the CAD drawings and getting it right the first time. Then when the part is made the shop can do a real QC check against the drawing and not some random notes jotted down on a napkin.

This is coming from a mechanical engineer by the way...

i agree, 100%, but i have seen some metal work, were the metal shops were give the correct info and drawings ( this is not confined just to the 500 formats or audio gear ), yet still, the metal comes out, out of tolerance.
the assembly house, or individuals, are not always aware of issues that may be present, as every thing looks fine, and maybe at first they are?
i think their are far to many shop that are just not doing the jobs as they are paid to.
that is just my opinion, i am sure as in any field, their are those that do not get their mechanical drawings correct and it dose cause issue down stream.
thankfully some issues have been, and do, get caught and corrections made well before the given product is made available.