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Here for the gear

Originally posted by Jules
Frogs legs (I like em) in Chinatown
Being a native of south Louisiana, frog legs were just part of the cuisine. One of my earliest (hunting) memories is of donning the headlight-on-a-forehead band late at night, climbing into a pirogue, and paddling through the swamp frog hunting.

Nothing like finding a "frog" with eyes about twelve inches apart, BTW.

Squid is also part of the local cuisine. Shrimp fishermen return to the dock with all sorts of things that aren't shrimp. Apparently, if if you catch it and cook it before it kills you first, Cajuns are allowed to eat it. As a kid growing up Cajun, this seemed perfectly normal.

As an adult, I think the strangest thing I ever ate (more or less willingly) was octopus tentacle at a sushi restaurant in New Orleans. Since it was my first experience in a sushi restaurant, I ordered omakase (chef's choice), which would have been all fine and dandy, except my chef was the Japanese equivalent to the Soup ****.

I ate lots of things that night I would not have tried even with a gun pressed to my temple, and the octopus was pretty much the only thing I recognized before it was sliced. (Yes, I went back many times. I'm not a complete sushi-wuss.)

John LeBlanc
Houston, TX