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Old 1st December 2002
In a Korean restaurant I complained that my soup had a tiny cockroach in it. (I was 70% sure that's what it was) I had put it on the side plate - as 'exhibit A'. Our enchanting Korean waitress was very nice and apologized profusely about it. I then went on to FINISH MY SOUP!
(errr...I did SAY say she was enchanting! )

Frogs legs (I like em) in Chinatown
Horse - in Paris (wont bother trying it again, but it was good, like a watery beefsteak, and very tender)

Back to the grills, I was dating a Korean for 2 years a while back, she liked to eat dog (they eat it on special treat days, like birthdays) I was of the opinion that I could do it.. But then we split up.. And I never got round to visiting Korea.