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Old 1st December 2002
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I never was adventurous enough to try chicken or duck feet at dim sum.......but I tried jellyfish because my 3-year-old neice said it was really good.....
My sister-in-law might have tricked me into trying duck tongues, but I can't remember for sure [she's Taiwanese and a lot of the food she grew up eating I find strange; but some of it is fantastic].

I ate plenty of things that I don't even know what they were when I was on tour with an orchestra in the Far East. The most unpleasant thing was taking a bite out of some pastry-like stuff that ended up having living bugs crawling out of it [I don't think the things were supposed to be like that and I stopped eating them right away...]

The strangest drink that I've never been able to understand the appeal of is celery tonic. However, the "Manhattan Special" which is a coffee soda that I once had to get for Geoff Daking on a session I assisted him on takes a close second to unpleasant beverages.