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Post ROCKSTAR RECORDINGS' studios almost finished.

People who are interested can see my studio report here:Rockstar Recordings = Construction site - Fotoreport..
It is in dutch but if you want translations, just ask me.
We started to build the new studio next to the old one because there where a lot of clients complaining about the control room being really small and very hot in summer. Also a lot of clients asked for an analog desk, cause they didn't like to work on our C|24. If we do something we try to do it good, so we built the CR and studio on box-in-box construction, floating the whole brick walls on rubber strips. Lots of concrete and later on lots of rockwool, wood,..
We have been building for a year and a half now and are working on the last bits. Still trying to find a solid desk(if someone knows a SSL 4000 or 8000 G+ for sale, let me know), wich is really hard to find in good shape and fitting in our budget..
Feel free to comment our work.
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