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Originally posted by djs
i had these same problems with mine (useing the lavry converters),
all of these problems were drastically lessened with the use of a second unit. my thoughts are that the signal is too hot for 1 atty to handel, and the crackling, and uneven ballance are things that are only happining at the low volume position (going from 0-1 or 2 on the dial). the problem goes away at higher knob settings. if the incoming signal is lowered the atty responds much better.
It seems so. The Lavry output is really hot and I could use just very minimum volume level in Atty. The stereo balance was very unbalanced (always pointed to one side). Peter Montessi suggested using two Atty units for making them usable with Lavry. I will try them soon .

[i] the customer service at a-designs is some of the best i've ever encountered though. [/B]
Yes, indeed I have never experienced such a sincere care from any manufacturer so far