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Old 31st July 2004
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Originally posted by NathanEldred
This is not normal at all. It sounds like you've got a broken pot on the ATTY. I've pointed this thread out to Peter Montessi owner of A-Designs, and he would like to replace your broken unit asap (providing your dealer cannot provide immediate support). Here is their contact:

Hope this helps.
nathan, i had these same problems with mine (useing the lavry converters), sent it back to atty, they tested it, and they said it was working fine. they sent me a second unit, which when used in tandom with the first gave better results. all of these problems were drastically lessened with the use of a second unit. my thoughts are that the signal is too hot for 1 atty to handel, and the crackling, and uneven ballance are things that are only happining at the low volume position (going from 0-1 or 2 on the dial). the problem goes away at higher knob settings. if the incoming signal is lowered the atty responds much better. unfortunatley, it still lacks the attenuation most people are probably used to (and should expect with a good monitoring attenuator). the units work great for mic attenuators and stuff like that, but for monitoring attenuation, not so much. the customer service at a-designs is some of the best i've ever encountered though. if these problems are also happining at higher levels, the unit might very well have a problem, and a-designs will take care of any problem you may have.

i just wanted to mention this stuff so people dont start sending atty's in left and right to get fixed, when there may not be anything broken.

i think some sort of 20db pad switch would be a fabulous addition to the box.