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Originally Posted by KinonMusic View Post
My finished basement room is a long rectangle, 11' x 23'. The walls are sheetrock, and floor is carpeted, and the ceiling is a rather low drop ceiling at a little over 7'.
You might benefit from shortening the room a few feet, but I wouldn't necessarily use the extra space for a booth. I'm not a fan of booths because they sound small and boxy unless you fill them with a lot of treatment.

Also, there's another 16" - 18" available above the drop ceiling, if I remove it.
Well that changes everything. A room's dimensions are to the rigid boundaries, and a drop ceiling is not rigid. My best suggestion is to use my ModeCalc program:

RealTraps - ModeCalc

The description on the above page explains all of this in detail. If you post your room's exact dimensions, and to the rigid floor above for the height, I'll be better able to suggest what to do next.