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In your opinion how does the wundercm7 gt with m7 capsule stand up to the e47?
Yes, IMO the GT is in the same ballpark as the Soundelux E47c. The E47c which was darker IME than the first revision of the E47 (which is what this thread was about) is closer to the GT with M7 cap. The K47 cap is a bit brighter. Courses for horses. I haven't directly compared FYI, but I'm very familiar with both.

Does wunder have any quality control issues, i heard rumours not to believed i hope.
Who is spreading rumours? There was one minor problem on one mic with a stuck polar pattern switch. Mike fixed/replaced it with lightening fast speed, and that's been it. That's not enough to consider the company to have 'quality control issues'.

Also would a soundelux u95S be in the same ballpark as these two mics? For male vocals rock to mellow stuff. thanks for your time
It's been years (2001 maybe?) since I've heard a U95S so I can't comment and compare. The E47 was a replacement for the U95S, and the E47c was a replacement for the E47 FWIW.