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Old 23rd February 2008
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Cool Long control room: 11' x 23'

Greetings, everyone!

My finished basement room is a long rectangle, 11' x 23'. The walls are sheetrock, and floor is carpeted, and the ceiling is a rather low drop ceiling at a little over 7'.

I'm looking to make it into a control room for accurate mixing, and possibly overdubbing later on. (I'll eventually construct a separate tracking room in my two-car garage.) I'm aware of the general bass trapping and sound absoption issues that I'll be dealing with, but I'm wondering if those issues are made better or worse by the length of this room.

I need to decide whether to try to use the whole room, or to use the space in one end to construct an iso booth for vocals and guitar. I imagine that I could still treat the room as effectively if I used something like 1/3 of it to put the iso booth in.

BTW, the doorway into the room is midway along one of the 23' walls. Also, there's another 16" - 18" available above the drop ceiling, if I remove it.

Has anyone ever dealt with a room shaped like this?