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Teacher, you´re wellcome :O), and yep, I thought the same; DAC1 especially for rap & techno demands.


The device you show seems the one I meant with having that
" ... a very popular quality passive attentuator with a gazillion steps."


"... a simple controller with that attentuator build in. However it seems to be made for prosumer and has only RCA jacks."

Looks like they got XLR connex available now.


Meanwhile I got reply from SPL about the coming stereo controller. They havn´t measuered it yet, cause of delay in manufactory and because they measure only on the serial product ( no-brainer ).

But it is supposed to be of similar design as their souround controller which I believe is being regarded as pretty good.

I wanted to know which sections would be active. They said only the inevitable like summing stages ( as passives were to give impedance problems the more channels involved ) and the output drivers.

Just asked them if they could imagine to include one pair of inputs splitted of which the one pair would be driven by the main pot and the other pair just been routed out ( for outboard feeding ), so that you could either monitor or feed outboard through your best pair of D/A without having to plug around each time.


The LA Audio seems to have great routing options. Can you tell us more to which controllers you compared it to? And maybe what D/A you were using?