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Old 29th November 2002
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1st off, i use the L2 & L1+ quite a bit to get my levels up. i recently realized i should set it to 16 bit (i guess that is the dither) when i mix down to 16 bit.

can i, or should i use the POW-r after that??
I think I can actually answer this.

You only want to dither ONCE, never twice. So if you use L2&L1, make sure to have the dither turned off if you want to use POW-r dither. In other words, you'll be using the Waves limiter, but not the IDR dither.

If you're using the Waves limiter right before bouncing to disc, follow the Waves L1 or L2 with the POW-r dither plugin.

That's my best guess, but let's see what others say.