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Could someone help out interpreting material's gas flow properties

in other words, what does this mean and how does it relate to acoustical/absortion properties (and compared to for example ever so popular OC703). For example here is airflow resistivity properties of PAROC COS 5
( Pääsivu )

45 10^-6 m^2/sPa

What does these figures actually mean?

This material was named by Paroc representative when I asked about rigid wool/fiber slabs which had density around 40-50 kg / m^2 although the guy could not give any ideas how the material works in acoustical sense.

I'm just looking for cheaper options than real acoustic rigid wool/fiber which is very expensive. I was thinking of putting these inside larger panels and use real acoustic (3,5cm think with fibreglass cloth) slabs, which I already have, as surfaces.

Thank you,

-Tomi H