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More on dither...

I just got the following information from the Answerbase at

What is the difference between the 3 different Dither settings in Pro Tools?
-Dither Plug In
-Dither setting in the Pref's Processing menu
-Dither option in the Fades dialogue

* Dither Plug in - Affects the Bounce to Disk, mono or stereo, output.
* Dither setting in the Preference's Processing menu only affects Audio Suite processing. 'Default' is the only option at this time. When and if another A/S dithering algorithm is developed, it may be available in this popup. With "use default dither" off then the standard dither algorithm is used (no noise shaping option) in audiosuite processing.
* Dither option the Fades dialogue - Only affects Fade processing. This is a "standard" Digi algorithm.
And this one...

In reference to the Dithered Mixer: If I want to submix elements to stereo pair outputs, it is far better to submix each pair through a master fader, rather then simply assigning all those submixed elements to the same outputs, or going through an Aux first?

A Master Fader is just a way to adjust the level of one of the "n x 2" mixer pair outputs - every "n x 2" mixer has this capability. Summing all inputs in the same mixer (for instance routing all tracks to output 1-2) is theoretically better than having several sub-mixes (like 6 tracks mixed to bus 1-2, 6 to bus 3-4, and 6 to bus 5-6, then all of them mixed thru Aux inputs to output 1-2, since the summed bus will only be dithered to 24 bits once (instead of 3 times for the bus mixers, and then 1 more time at the output 1-2 mixer). But, the difference is small - and must be weighed against the convenience of using sub-mixes (you could try using groups for doing "group-wide" level adjustments).
So if I'm reading this right, dither comes into play when you use Audiosuite processing and fades as well as bit-rate conversion? I thought it only affected bounces with bit conversion.

Maybe I read this wrong. I'm really tired, so it's highly possible. I mean... I sure hope I read this wrong.