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My 2 channel Hum Eliminator and Line Level Shifter arrived a few days ago, but I haven't had a chance to test them yet. I got the XLR versions - if you got the TRS versions you would have to make sure you are using TRS cables, or you would be just getting half the signal.

But i'm surprised at your comments - maybe I've got this wrong, but it seems like you are saying your interface already had a -10 setting, which you could drive to 0 directly with your keyboards? So why do you want a Line Level Shifter again?

By setting your interface to receive a +4 input, you have added 12dB of headroom. I'm wondering if you have the LLS around the wrong way? Being a passive transformer, it will pass signal both ways, but obviously will work as an attenuator if used backwards. I plan to test this feature as a stereo reamp option.
I definitely have TRS cables on the +4 jacks running to the interfaces - checked that. I wanted the shifter because I'll be upgrading my interfaces to units that only run at +4 and I didn't want to spend for a bunch of preamps or a mixer. I also checked the labeling by swapping cables, which attenuated the signal (as expected) so the labels are correct. Even though the meters are reading low, the volume for a couple machines is acceptable though not great. The one that really suffers though is the Future Retro 777 - far too quiet. I'll just run that one through one of the Pacifica DI jacks - that works quite well