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You will love the Forssell. It killed my Millenia for classical. The Forssell also has just the right amount of sweetness and richness. Also great for bluegrass and plain old acoustic music. There are many good pres for this purpose. But the Forssell will make you smile.

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AB3, the timing of your recommendation is uncanny; Fred shipped my first SMP-2 yesterday.

Pres I use have to work well for live acoustic, i.e. a room mic. It's OK if they have a subtle sound of their own.

I like clean pres, using DACS MicAmps and Grace. Jim Williams' High Speed also looks good. I also use 7 channels of LaChapell tube pre and, though they aren't "transparent," the sound is big and sweet without giving up details - a really nice nostalgic vibe!

P.S. I bought a Pacifica hoping to find a solid-state with a vintage filmscore console sound for strings. It's apparently a great tool for studio trackers, but the thick layer of hard glass it puts over upper mids alters the sound of the instruments too much for my customers to tolerate.

The MA5, from reading, looks like it's worth a try. I really like the 28K switch idea. Gimee air!