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Originally Posted by TonyBelmont View Post
James Lugo's clips didn't have any 1073's for comparison, so I'm not sure how you can form that opinion. They were all blown away by the MA5 there...

I'll send you an MA5 after we get caught up on orders so you can compare them directly to your 1073's (assuming you have 1073's)... In double blind tests with BAE 1073's, people picked the MA5 more often than the BAE as the "1073"... they are very close in sound.
Tony, thanks for that. The place I heard them against the 1073's were on the jonnkenn vocal shootout. They are definately great sounding pre's, they just didn't have the "grunge" (if you want to call it that) that the 1073's had in those clips. I know that he had the "28k" switch engaged, so that may have an impact. Then again, how can you possibly judge something when someone else is turning the knobs in a studio thousands of miles away and compressing to an MP3. Nice to hear that they are so close. Looking forward to hearing them "IN PERSON". heh