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Old 8th February 2008
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I'm curious to hear more from you guys as you get to use them. I had high expectations, and after hearing the Lugo clips, I have to admit, that I wasn't blown away. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting. I guess something more vintage neve-ish. I know ultiimately I need to get them into my own studio to make the comparison, but I was hoping for something that sounded more like the BAE 1073 pre. I guess it sounded a little more "hi-fi" than I was expecting. Any thoughts in that regard? I dont' have the cash for them right now, but they are definately on the list of pre's to check out for my 500 series needs. Right now, my faves in the 500 vein are of course the 512's and the Biz. The Gama is cool too, but almost like an API clone - yet a bit different. Cheers,