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One of the most important problems a manager of a software project has to deal with the is range of productivity between programmers. IBM did a study that determined that there was a 9 to 1 difference in productivity between the best and the worst programmers they had. I know virtuoso programmers who can produce staggering amounts of good code in very short order. And I have worked with dullards who seemed to be glacial in comparison.
Very true!!!
Yesterday I was working on a board tester that needed to talk over an odd communication bus (Freescale BDM). I need to know digital hardware, programmable logic devices, and software. Plus, since I have a coprocessor involved in the communication, I need to ensure that the main and coprocessor do not interfere with each other. All of those items were covered (briefly) in my CE program, and I'm very comfortable working with PLD's, code, and board layout. I can't imagine trying to get this going without a good background in both hardware and software.