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Further, people who simply regard CS as programming are at risk of simply not even knowing what it is that they don't know about the course contents.
Yes! So true. And there lies the problem. I was originally appalled at the very lack of programming instruction in CS programs. But then it became clear. Much like any engineering course, you get an overview of a very wide field of which programming is just a small part. One reason why I recommend EE for people is that if they want to be programmers, a degree is next useless to begin with, like a degree in playing guitar. If they have the knack, they will mastering on their own. The EE degree will fill the requirement of virtually any HR wonk and they end up with an even greater overview than still encompasses digital electronics and math. If they want to get into microprocessor design, they likely will need a masters or PhD and then they go with a CS maybe. The problem stems from Human Resources in corporation who erroneously think a computer degree makes someone a programmer. Coding as skill, if taught, should be done so in a technical school much like a technician learns. And some of the technicial schools like ITT did start doing that.

I have been in software for about 12 years now. There is a butt load of worthless people with degrees - a staggering amount! Those of us without the degree who are employed professionally are virtually all smoking - how could be possibly be competing with people with advanced degrees if we were not? Now I am sure that if you get into the design of OSs or relational database engines, you are going to find a lot of lettered folks and very few of us. When it comes to applications development, creating the solutions on the front lines for end users, I have yet to meet a "trained" programmer who was better than any of us. In fact, I have been on a number of mixed teams and we more often than not ended up the leads. And I have mentored many those college kids who couldn't get it themselves even with the degree.