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I am finding this post very enlightening and would like to chime in with my personal experience. As a recent CE graduate I tried getting a job as an audio engineer for a while, and I have to say that landing a job with a degree in engineering is just as difficult as getting it with a 9-month technical degree (i.e. Full Sail, SAE), and maybe even harder, since they probably look at you more like a technical person and not so much as an artistic or creative person. Why would I go to college for 4 years so I can serve coffee and clean the studio's toilets, and not even get paid for it? lol, I don't get it either. On the other hand if you really are a techie you could get into design and r&d, and there are opportunities going on these days, a few large companies like avid, steinberg/yamaha, apple, sony, mackie(loud or whatever), to name a few and maybe several dozen small plugin and analog companies are worth working for. As for me, well, I've given up on my audio/music dreams for the moment and I am currently working as IT-consultant/programmer. Gotta pay the bills, you know, and it actually pays better

btw, in my opinion, a CE degree is a bit more well-rounded than EE since you get both the hw and sw backgrounds.