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Old 25th November 2002
Re: Never ending eq´s.......

Originally posted by Neve Sucks!
Which one of all the Pultecs copies that are out there do ya´ll like best?

Plus a hundred more that I forgot.....

I love the Summit EQP-200.
I´m just curious about the difference in sound between them all.....

/Mixmaster Santa
They all suck at being "Pultec like", except for maybe the EAR and Marquette Audio(and maybe the Fairman). None has that thing that the Pultec gives you. I thought the TT was one of the most over hyped pieces(i got rid of mine years ago and I had all 3). The Summit is ok on somethings, but nothing to right home about. The Manley is excellent on kick and snare(but that's about it). Another darkhorse is the DW FEARN EQ. I've never used it but i know Fletcher has. I know he likes them.

Again boys, just like there is only one Neve(sorry clone guys), there will only be one Pultec. If you want the sound you gonna have to pony up.