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Listen to Eric Desart on this. He is quite right, Auralex makes these convenient products which could be great, but they don't supply the technical data that is NECESSARY to make them work properly.

The idea is this: the floor has to float properly. In order to do so, the mass of everything floating has to be precisely calculated, so that the U-boats compress the proper amount. If there is too much weight, the U-boats will "bottom out" and offer no springiness at all, therefore it is not floating. If there is not enough weight, then the U-boats won't begin to operate as a spring, and therefore it is not floating.

From the John L Sayers thread linked above (written by Sharward):
Imagine putting a 15 pound weight on a spring that "bottoms out" at 10 pounds. The spring is completely compressed. The weight is unable to bounce on this overloaded spring, and therefore is not isolated from the surface below.

The same holds true of a lighter weight upon a heavier grade spring. Imagine a 10 pound weight on a spring that does not begin to compress until the weight reaches 15 pounds. The weight is too light to cause the spring to compress, so it too is unable to bounce, and is therefore again not isolated from the surface below.
So yes, even if you determine that floating your floor is necessary (DO THE RESEARCH on this to be sure), then you need to do some math to figure out how many U-boats (or whatever other products) you need for your room. And Auralex does not provide this information. I wish they did, as the U-boats do look like a nice convenient product for builders.