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To answer . . the Quad 8 stuff is great! . . pick up an eq or pre . . . . you will enjoy them. Especially for rock and roll. Boards are cool too! They DO need maintenence from time to time. The compressor you see WAS wired up . . it isn't now (long story) Used to use it on kick or bass.

Jules, The racks are vented well so the Tube Techs are ok . . it is the Hedd unit on top of the Tube Techs where I make my omelets. . . . . . .

No, it's vented as well

"2 " tape Sucks" . . . don't you have ENOUGH **** yet? Sheeeeesh! *smile*
and don't call me "Mr." Knox (geeez). MR. Knox is my 87 year old dad and he would think you are NUTZ for spending all your money on all that "crazy crap you guys buy!".

I believe I answered somewhere else regarding the Tube Tech and Summit eqs . . .you have probably read that by now . . being the Gear JUNKIE you are! I REALLY like all the Tube Tech gear I have . . compressors are fabulous as are the eqs! I have had all the Tube Tech stuff for probably 15 years. At first the mic pre didn't kill me, but I have come to really like it for certain things.

The 9098 . . . . . I got to tell you. That is a strange piece of gear. Mic pre is good . . . . not great for everything (what is?). The eq is really good for sculpturing certain sounds. It seems "pointy" but smooth. (sorry to use these kind of explanations but I think you will understand what I mean). I do like it at times and find it "not happening" on certain things. 9098 board is an incredible thing though!