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Originally posted by Knox
just playing around with a new camera . . . haven't figured it out yet.
Great Mr. Knox, I see you have good taste concerning both your gear and your car, I have a BMW myself.

Have you compared the tubtech pultec to the summit pultec????
Wich one wins????

I am thinkin of buying 2*AMEK CIB and one AMEK DMCL, has anybody compared(A/B) the mic preamps of these two units???

Except for the instrument feature is the micpre identical???

I just had the DMCL for testing and the compressor with it's filters S/C is the ****!!! 25 dB gain reduction sounds great on drums.

So is the compressor section identical between the CIB and the DMCL????

I had the CIB over for testing a year ago but did'nt find happening, I later found out that the unit was broken, not functioning and kaputt. So that test can not be counted then.

Are you happy with the 9098 EQ???

And finally I am really glad that you have so much wonderful gear