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Old 29th January 2008
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I took computer engineering, which is actually handy. I leaned more towards hardware when I was going through school, however, and landed a mostly hardware job. I think, however, that an EE program with a few CS courses would be more useful.

Operating systems (a course I had to take) was totally valuable for me as an embedded designer - hardware and software. Even though I may not write OS code, the concepts of deadlocks and resource management are critical to the real-time code I do. I would suggest an EE program with an introductory OS program (and whatever prereq's are required).

I would have liked to take not just DSP theory but also DSP implementation. EE's had the option of doing that - the CompE program did not have enough options for that unless you wanted to stay an extra term or two. I almost wished that I did that now.

After you get out of school, maybe get a textbook or two on courses that you missed that you would have liked to have taken, then learn them on your own before you get burnt out or loose the desire to learn a big subject. I started doing that on DSP's but I never really got a great handle on them.