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Let me illustrate this way. I have a friend a shade or two more obnoxious like myself. He has an EE degree. He like to go through the IT department and tell people "I can can do your job, you can't do mine." Almost any IT job will accept an EE or Math degree as much as a CS degree.

Plus, I will tell one thing for sure. Many of the best of us out here in programming hold no degree whatsoever. That includes me. I get paid the same as the degreed folks due. And I actually make a good part of my living completed or fixing the job someone with a degree, including Masters and Doctorates, failed at.

Get your EE. Any programmer worth hiring should be able to figure out how to write code in any language without a teacher. The profession existed decades before there was a degree for it.

But if you really want to do both, the University of Florida offers a dual major EE/CS program.