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Currently in school completing all my bull classes, trying to decide on what option to choose. I want to design music equip in my spare time, but will probably try to get a job with the Gov. I want to make sure we don't miss.
For those of you that are engineers what would you suggest? Both are considered BSEE degrees.

I would love to Co-op with a company like Manley, Aurora Audio, or any top notch equipment maker. I love music gear. I'm a slut with no money to buy.
You'll make more $$ in software. Where I work Software pays between 80k - 120k
EE's make between 70 - 100k per year. With exceptions if your a manager or something.

I was an ME for years until I switched to SW in 1997. Eventually EE's may become scarce and it may increase the salaries but I think software is the way to go.

The funny thing is 75% of EE's I know can write code. But for some reason the industry pays less. I think it's because SW engineers with CS degrees are far and few between. But there are many more attending school for CS degrees so it may change. But I find most EE's write C or asm. Very few can develop GUI's with MFC , Cocoa or Swing. Maybe that's the difference?