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Pre-delay on a reverb means that the processor holds the signal for a short period before generating the effect from it. So the effect waits a second before starting.
Ahhhh That makes sense. So on vocals, for example, the reverb wouldn't screw up the attack, so you can hear the words better, ect.

Yeah, I did some reading on this last night myself, but your description was put more simple. I did find out that timed delays are timed to the tempo of the song.

I also found out that the following -- Lexicon PCm91, Eventide Eclipse, Lexicon 480L, TCM2000 and 3000 -- all suck. At least, I found people who say it does, but everyone makes a good case.

The PCM91 doesn't have word clock and is 20-bit, rather than 24. The Eventide Eclipse has 24 bit and up to 96k for some presets, but doesn't have the right reverbs. The TCM2000 and 3000 have very clean reverbs, but they aren't lush enough (some say) and if you connect via AES/EBU it's 24-bit, otherwise it's 20-bit if you connect via S/PDIF. And the 480L is 18-bit and too damn expensive, even on the used market.

I guess the above is kind of an expansion of the topic. How much reverb is too much? How much is too little? And which box is going to get you the right sound?

I know. It's subjective. Hell, I heard a great CD production yesterday and the guy was using a TC Electronic M-One for the verbs. Go figure.

One thing is certain, whether it's on the gearslutz forum or anywhere else. There's not one piece of high-end equipment around that won't elicit two responses: "It's the greatest thing I've ever used," and, "It's the worst piece of crap ever." And all responses in between.

Keeps things lively though!