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To reiterate my position: it has nothing to do with the era you grew up in, its just where you are on the journey. I would bet one of my lesser Strats that Peter Frampton has more **** in his live rig than anyone today. It bigger than Lukathers studio rack! On the other hand, who hear is going argue that Tom Morello isn't reknown as a sonic innovater of the new generation, yet his pedal board is minimal.

There a few guitarists who just can't say no to candy, and who the **** actually knows how much they are even using! There are few guitarist that have developed a reputation for FX as integral to what they do - The Edge, Fripp, etc. I tend to refer to some of the goes as "eletronic guitarist" in that they are in sense "playing" the electronics as much the guitar like Keith Emerson played the Moog modules as much as he did the keyboard. And I don't apply any of this to them.

On the other hand, the bulk of us are "electric" guitars where the game is manipulated as much sound from the guitar and the amp as possible. When you are young, you just plain can't do this so you stock up on the boxes to get a variety of tone. As time goes on, if you are truly a player, you find 3 things: 1) You get tired of keeping up with all the ****. I mean its not like anything new has been invented in decades! 2) You get tired of dancing. You just want to become with instrument. 3) You find its really more challenging and interesting to see what tone you can coax without relying on the boxes

And finally, the statement: "We aren't all Jeff Beck" is as equally false as true. We are not the individual Jeff Beck he is uniquely unique. But on the other hand we are ALL Jeff Beck in that we have within us inner voices that can be developed and brought out and too much concentration of those boxes serves to inhibit the process.

The only effect I always want to keep is the wah. Pedal like that, the Wammy Pedal, etc, can actually be played so the effect come from you rather than just a box. On the other, I can't stand an "auto-wah!"