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Old 22nd November 2002
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Jules, you're too nice.

Call the promotions guy down to your studio, and then head-butt him across the bridge of the nose.

No, seriously though...

I've learned the hard way that: Laying down the law firmly, but calmly and professionally, is the best way.

But you were essentially correct in refusing to let the "art by committee" paradigm take hold.

Recently, I have been twice forced to punish commercial soundtrack clients with extra billings, in retaliation for what I percieved as an unprofessional and/or disrespectful shenanigens. I try to explain to them that it's for their own good: that it keeps the project on track, on deadline and on budget.

One was a feature-film director. He reacted with a huge display of macho anger and indignation...but I stuck firmly to the script, and he eventually caved.

The other was a short industrial filmaker. I calmly let him indulge himself in a purile lecture about "how artists can be..." after which he wrote me a check.

It's a jungle out there.