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Does anyone offer this service in the New York area that wouldn't cost me more than the cost of all of my equipment ten fold?

I'm looking for some basic yet near professional or at the very least experienced guidance on treatment to control the frequency chaos of my room. An onsite visit and a discussion on my options of what kind of treatment to use and where I should be placing it would be ideal.

If this type of service doesn't exist, it would be a great business to start as there are probably a thousand private/non commercial studios scattered all around NYC that would benefit from an affordable service like this is.

Sadly at the moment I just don't have the capacity to do all the research and learn the science of it all.

There is a lot of guys in New York, but just a FYI companies like ourselves do room setups all the time over the internet/phone. We would just ask you send us pictures and or drawings of the room and we can go from there. Oh and the best part is it is part of the service when buying our products so it cost you nothing.