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I need to shift a bunch of -10 signals (primarily from synths) to +4. I know of the Ebtech 8 channel line level shifter, but I would like to know if there are any other options that provide more channels of conversion and will not affect the sound (I'd rather do that selectively when I choose). I think there is also a DeskDoctor 24DI box that does the same (24 channels vs. 8). Any other suggestions? I need to maintain the individual ins/outs, so a line level mixer that sums to 2 channels is not that interesting to me.



I use the Ebtech 8 channel units. I have 2 of them. I run ALL of my keyboards through them. The difference in sound is astonishing and amazing to my ears. I will never plug a keyboard direct into a console again.

Tascam makes very nice bump boxes (that's what most call them) which allow you to adjust the true output voltage if you're really nit picky. They are the LA-80 and LA-81. My brother uses 6 of them to get levels up and down to his JH24. Pricey though at 500 bucks each.