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Old 17th January 2008
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This has been my current lineup for the past few months or so. I went through various periods of messing around with lots of different effects, different buffers, etc. until I found this setup and I've been happy with it ever since. I'm not a huge effects nut, but there are times every once in a while where wah, delay or trem is useful. I use my two overdrives for different lead tones and my clean boost pedal for a volume boost for solos (my Bogner is older, so it doesn't have the boost volume mod done to it - this is a nice workaround).

I play either a Fender '62 AVRI Strat, PRS McCarty (w/ Wolfetone A5 Marshallheads) or Gibson Firebird V (Lollar FB-mini in the bridge, Lollar 50's wind neck P90 soapbar) through a Bogner EL-34 Shiva w/ Reverb half stack.

Long cables are Lava Tweed ELC, pedalboard cables are Bill Lawrence, speaker cable is Mulder Audio.

Effects chain is as follows: -> Pro Analog Supaquack -> VHT Valvulator [Telefunken 12ax7 loaded] (output 1): Planet Waves Tru-Strobe Tuner (output 2) -> Clay Jones OD -> Lovekraft Mojo Drive -> (out to amp input)

FX loop send -> GoudieFX Crystal Boost -> DLS Echotap -> Red Witch Pentavocal Trem -> FX return

My pedalboard isn't the prettiest since things have moved around so much on it and it has seen a lot of live playing, so the pedals aren't mint, but