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I have also owned the mic/pre eq (not in the console). They all have the basic quality that this user:

"While I know what you mean, I can't really agree. The equalizer is excellent but I think the pre-amp is on par sonically with any other pre in it's price range. It's not very colored so it's rarely my go to pre but I never patch it in and hear a quality loss or any haziness whatsoever. It's a very clean pre but with a bit of warmth. Not sterile at all IMHO. "

That being said, give a few other a try if you can. I would bet the Wunder's are quite nice as well.

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had no idea that this was a daking console. thought it was just the pres

hmm, well as good as the samples are, this isn't exactly what i was hoping for as i was looking for an example of just the daking IV. with the console, you have the buss and all the summing that has a great deal of impact on the sound, so it's not a fair rep of just the pres.