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ollie, thank you the examples. this is exactly what i needed to hear!
the drum sound on Big Star alone sold me. it's exactly the type of cross between punch and air on top that i'd want. i've read that the mid's aren't as aggressive as api and this is a good eg.

i also read in this thread that the pre tends to throw the vocal very forward and this song is a good example of this too. there's a real tom petty presence here that i could easily live with. Sarah Ann is another good rep for the vocal, although i think the mic has a lot to do with this. it really sounds like a decent valve mic to me. like old neil young. i like these guys!

thanks again ollie. it's refreshing to hear some great material from something other than the standard gr,api,pacifica ad nauseum. i've read so much hype about the pacifica alone that i don't want one just because of that! lol. i'm totally sold thanks to your clips. very nice job in the ae dept to btw