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Old 11th January 2008
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i have a 32 x 24 x 8 daking console, many outboard pres - two mic pre iv's -
the only external pres i use are
the tube pres made by emery sound - while recording rufus wainwright's "want
one" and "want two", we had access at times to many, many rental pres - they all went
back to dreamhire - 90% of rufus' vocals on those two records come from
the daking pre - someone at excelo just freaked at my piano and the daking
pre - walter sear has complimented the daking pres on the several occasions
that reels have moved between here and sear sound.
many clients have come here from neve rooms wanting the sound of
the daking console - "more hi-fi - more open"
i usually track to tape - the daking console and the A827 have been
a great combination

i may be building another room - the only board i would buy is a daking
geoff is a nice guy who happens to be pretty brilliant and has a sense of ethics
that is fantastic - he stands by his work

be well

- jack